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Jason Voorhees Pt.2 Potatohead by Potatoheadmaster Jason Voorhees Pt.2 Potatohead by Potatoheadmaster
My Favorite version Of Jason as a Potatohead the First in a series.

Hope You Like Him.

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TheGurch Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
i love the on earth do you make it so realistic looking? I really need to know so your reply would be most eagerly and graciously received :)
Potatoheadmaster Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Thats freaking hilarious that you like it so much seeing How awesome your work is.

 Basically I started out with an off white and painted that over the basic Potatohead eye until you cant see the black Potatohead eye anymore. So now that it's white I added a little more sunflower paint to the eye so its slightly more yellow. After that I added a little more darker yellow either school bus or banana and painted that close to the eye lid.

 After being happy with that I decided to start on the Iris. I think I picked 4 dif. shades of blue and some brown. first I watered them down to the point of water colors. And using a thin brush I painted the med. light blue so it was a nice solid color.

Then I went with the darker blue; might of been a more sea blue for slight contrast I think and did Slight S's over the entire iris in a clock like manner. So starting with 12 to 6, 1 to7, 2 to 8, 3 to 9, 4 to 10, and 5 to 11. After that I went with the lightest blue and did the same thing but did little N's around the outside of the Iris.

after that I went with the brown and did a pi symbol just slightly over the light blue. Then I went back with the light blue again and did some more S's muffling some of the brown down a bit. After that I went with the darkest blue and and outlined the outside of the iris to look more realistic.

After that I just did a straight black pupil for the pupil. Sometimes I do brown for the pupil first and then go in with the black closer towards the center to give it more depth.

After that I had the brilliant idea of adding veining to the eye. unfortunately I used a slightly larger brush than what I wanted to; along with going a bit more Hammer Dracula style on the veining and it looked like crap. So I decided to repaint the Whites over again and they actually looked pretty good. You can barely see the veins so they're more subtle. And I didn't paint the veins again.

After painting the eye I then painted the inside of the eyelid to get some of the extra eye color off of them. After They dried I sprayed Him with Mat finish and waited a day for him to fully dry. After that I used a gloss called American Triple Thick Brilliant gloss glaze. I waited for this to dry and then did some more coats. I used to use clear nail polish until I found this stuff. You can also use  5 min. epoxy. I've never been successful with that though.

Well I hope this Helps you out and can't wait to see more of your work. Also just keep practicing if it doesn't look right at first.


TheGurch Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
It looks great as if its about to move around, the eye really adds realism and a focus point. I bought a load of super sculply and fancy trying my hand at some of thhese sculpts, just heads and faces at first and figured i need to know how to approach getting the eye correct. I did a search for glass eyes on the net but they are so expensive and wount be the correct size i need. So its a case of work exact and build up the details as you go. Can you heat the sculpy up after the eye has been painting? No, i assume it makes sense to do the painting up as the very last job. 
The prob i have is i reallyhave way toomany skecthes in my book and dunmo which one to do!! Im guessing i would be better of doing my first head as a copyof a movie monster as i need to work in three dimensions, and i would soon grasp any shortfalls in my drawing designs when it comes to doing the back of the head and side views.
Cheers for the grest inspiration and for such a brilliant explaination. It helps me a ton.   
Potatoheadmaster Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
Thanks again. A couple years ago I wanted to see what would happen if I baked some eyes with paint on them and Actually I boiled them cause thats how I bake allot of My stuff; Anyways the Heat caused the paint to bubble and become useless and hard. So I guess baking them in the oven would have the same effect. When first starting out I was told that I should get the basic Human form down before I start on trying to do monsters or the like That way when I'm ready to move on I would have a better understanding of anatomy and such. The first time I sculpted ears it took me forever to do and I didn't like the way they looked really; I actually hated making ears but now that I've been doing them for so long I actually enjoy making them and try to do fun designs with them.

For the eyes I know people have used Ball Bearings for the sculpture and you can get these in allot of different sizes. Or you could possibly use marbles but I'm not sure how well They would bake seeing they're glass.

 I think your idea for a movie character is a good idea just don't get frustrated if it doesn't look like the character. Plus  The firif you're just starting out keep on sculpting and you should get better and discover new talents. You could also just do one of your own creations because sometimes thats more fun than someone Else's character, Plus with any luck you should know what that character looks like from all angles. Also if it's your own idea nobody can tell you that you screwed up on it and only you would really know if you messed up or not.

You're also right about painting them as the last step it just makes sense. I've just started on My 11th sketch book of Potatoheads and I have so many ideas that I haven't made yet. I keep telling my Wife that I wish I had time for all of them but some end up taking more priority over other ones. Also some I've waited on making cause I don't have the balls or skills yet to make them. But I'm close. Hopefully next year I'll be doing some really cool ones. I really want to make some that people are just like you're insane for making that as a Potatohead it's just nuts. But I'll just have to wait. Going back to the sketchbooks I don't normally draw the backs I just wing it unless it is a known character or I need reference.

Hope this Helps.

TheGurch Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Oh what size is this and how long did it take to create? Also is it super sculpy you used too? Cheers again. 
hermafrodite Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
i like the eyes
Potatoheadmaster Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Thanks I ended up having to paint over the whites a second time because I painted veins but they were a bit overboard. Also I added some brown to the eye because He has brown eyes in the latter films and I thought that would be a nice tie-in.

Thanks again

Ohthehumanityplz Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There's something adorable about this sculpt but I can't put my finger on it.
Potatoheadmaster Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
It's the eye. otherwise He'd be creepy. And thanks

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